HackMTY is the largest student hackathon in Latin America.

HackMTY wants to join all talented hackers from Monterrey to show off their talent and be the largest student hackathon in Latin America. Hosted by Tec de Monterrey, ranked 5 stars by QS, in the top 40 universities worldwide and top 10 in Latin America.

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$2,100 in prizes

1st Prize

1 month of coworking space @ThePool, All expenses paid trip to HackMX, 4 pebbles and 4 speakers

2nd Prize

4 Dell Tablets and 4 Chromecasts

3rd Prize

4 Apple TVs and 4 iTunes gift cards

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Must be a student to participate, with a max team of 4 members and must be present @Tec de Monterrey during the event to be able to participate and be eligible to win.


All projects are welcome ase long as they have a relation to technology.

Mobile apps

Web pages

Web apps

Hardware (Gallileos, Intel Edisons, Arduinos etc)


Occulus Rift



Eduardo López

Eduardo López
Icalia Labs

Angelo Raimondi

Angelo Raimondi

Moraima Campbell

Moraima Campbell
Tec de Monterrey

Andrés Garza

Andrés Garza

Judge TBA

Judge TBA

Judging Criteria

  • Helpfulness 30%
    Would people use the project, would it help people, or would it make a task for people easier?
  • Potential Impact 20%
    Would the project impact a lot of people, does it have the potential to grow, or does the project have the potential to become a product you can sell?
  • Completeness 20%
    Is the project 80% finished or more? Does it work like it was intended? Is it a working prototype or just images or a video?
  • User Experience 15%
    Is it easy to use? Do you understand its purpose? Did the team took time on the design?
  • Innovation 15%
    Is the project tackling a problem in a new way? Does it do something different? Is it creative? Is it something you've never seen before?